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Monday: Expert led product training including CA 2E 8.7, CA Plex 7.2, Migrating Apps to SQL, .NET Client, Web and Mobile, API integration, and more.

Tuesday & Wednesday: Dozens of Keynotes, Sessions, Roundtables.

Thursday: Hackathon and Small Group Deep Dives

SE HABLA ESPAÑOL: Selected sessions were offered in Spanish.

Check out the presentation and workshop materials below.

Session Grid

Title Abstract      Speaker(s)
Plex Training Workshop (What’s new in r7.2?) Are you considering extending your CA Plex applications to mobile and web devices? Do you need to extend the reach of your business via a modern, secure Web API utilizing technologies such as REST, JSON and OAuth? Do you just wish the Service Connector development workflow extended to publishing your WCF Service Connectors straight to IIS without having to jump through hoops to get there? Join us as we explore the new features in CA Plex r7.2 Incremental Release 1 that help enable these goals along with some hands-on practical examples of the features in action.


     Rob Layzell and Arun Painuly
2E Training Workshop (What’s new in r8.7?) Do you want to move from a traditional DDS database to an SQL-type database, and still continue using your existing application? Do you want to use meaningful names on your SQL/DDL databases instead of implementation names? Do you want to be able to generate SQL/DDL type objects into any library of your choice? These are now possible with the latest release of CA 2E – r8.7. Our CA Staff will walk you through the important features of CA 2E 8.7 and also have a hands-on session to try out these new features.

Join us as we explore the new features in CA Plex r7.2 Incremental Release 1 that help enable these goals along with some hands-on practical examples of the features in action.


     Raghu Daita and Simon Cockayne
Developing Mobile and Web UX Workshop Do you need to extend your legacy Plex app to mobile, but aren’t sure how to get there? Join us for some hands on training for developing multi-channel responsive HTML5 apps that can be deployed to desktop browsers and mobile devices. We will have exercises and detailed information on everything you need to be successful: everything from geolocation, camera imaging, social auth, native app store wrapping techniques, offline storage, device specific capabilities and more. You will leave with a working Order Processing and Delivery app that can be used off-line.


     Abram Darnutzer and Andrew Leggett
CA 2E Hands On Modernization Workshop Modernizing CA 2E Applications can take many forms. In this workshop we will do exercises on several techniques, including generating SQL access, Web Services/APIs, Web Option, and migrating partial models to CA Plex to generate C#, Java, and HTML5 interfaces. You will leave with a working insurance model environment that you can access back at your shop for further inspection and demonstration to colleagues.


     Mark Schroeder and Paul Martinsen
CA App Dev Strategy, Keynote, CA Technologies CA will discuss aspects of CA’s vision to enable development of solutions that facilitate collaboration across development and operations. The ultimate goal is to enable rapid delivery of quality applications that integrate critical business systems with mobile and Web applications to drive competitive advantage in today’s application economy.


     CA Technologies
REST API’s in a CA Plex Context This presentation first discusses general aspects of web API design and give some guidance and best practices. We will then focus on RESTful API’s and answer questions like: What is RESTful? What is HATEOAS? What is RPC? and try to find a pragmatic approach to RESTful or REST based API’s. In the last section we will talk about the status quo of the CA Plex generators and how they fit into the REST paradigm and show some ways to move from a client server centric perspective to a web perspective.


     Lorenz Alder
CA 2E Roadmap This session will discuss the CA 2E Product Roadmap. We’ll review and explain the strategy that underpins the roadmap; look back at the successful release of CA 2E r8.7 in 2014, highlight new support for SQL/DDL, and look down the road at future plans.


     Simon Cockayne
CA Plex Roadmap This session will discuss the CA Plex Product Roadmap. We’ll review and explain the strategy that underpins the roadmap; look back at the successful release of CA Plex 7.2 Incremental Release 1 in 2014, and look down the road at future plans.


     Simon Cockayne
Why You Should Move to CA 2E SQL Now In this technical presentation, we will explore two significant reasons to start generating SQL from your 2E models: performance and multimedia. First will take a look into why and how SQL tables can help wring an extra degree of performance for apps with large databases, and outline the gains you can expect on your system. Second we will look a using SQL BLOB storage to manage multimedia files like audio, video, and image.


     Jason Olson
Beyond Source Code, Keynote, CA Technologies Just as DevOps transformed operations, just as IoT is transforming communications, Microservices will transform programming. And the key to automating, powerful blocks of programming is declarative, model-based rapid application development tooling.

DevOps showed us how to increase speed, improve reliability, and reduce cost while still delivering quality. We learned how to identify key operations, automate them, and turn these automations into powerful building blocks for managing infrastructure and deploying applications. This new operations model will be essential in supporting the expected tens of billions of new devices that will make up the Internet of Things — sensors, relays, and hardware agents that will monitor and enable the next phase of our connected world. And RAD tooling will be the key to programming this new connected world.


     Mike Amundsen
MVC Web Interfaces for Plex Applications This presentation will show how to bootstrap Web Interfaces to your existing Plex applications using the Microsoft MVC patterns and help move your applications to the cloud. We will show how MVC enables you to create scalable, standards-based web applications using well established design patterns keeping with your business logic defined in Plex.


     Nelson André
CA 2E Web Services in Real Life, A Customer Success Story In this session we will discuss the implementation of web services in a new 2E enterprise application for management of university tuition savings plans. We will look at lessons learned and how the 2E back end team was able to provide real time access to DB2 live data to the Java web team via development of 2E-based web services.


     Mark Schroeder
Business Process Management for Model Based Developers BPM’s model based paradigm makes it an intuitive fit for adding workflow to Plex and 2E business apps. In this presentation we will examine how to make use of Plex and 2E APIs in a Workflow environment using Axon Ivy. We will demonstrate how business process monitoring and improvement techniques can add value quickly to existing Plex and 2E assets.


     Clemens Schiller and Matt Fleming
Plex Development; Stabilization of a 15-year-old Application What I Learned Keeping this critical application vibrant and functional in an every changing business climate and bring it back to the leader in project funding and being ahead of the development curve in a multi-replicated database environment. Success in bringing stabilization to a hectic development environment on the front end side of the application and competing with off-shore development resources in the ingestion of data. The direction of development and the inevitable end of the application. Will development continue with the Plex toolset?


     Louis Renteria
Modernizing CA 2E Assets to CA Plex This presentation will take a technical look at new developments with the CM M3 process for modernizing CA 2E (Synon) models to CA Plex-based models, with business logic that is readily understood and maintained. The resulting app can be deployed to popular web application servers and database engines running on any platform, with a UX accessed from both web browsers and mobile devices. The newest release now offers C#/.NET client/SQL Server as a deployment option. As part of the presentation, we will look at a real life model that has migrated for C&D Technologies.


     Jonathan Bolton and John Rhodes
HISTORIA DE EXITO. Solucion Bancaria Web (SESION EN ESPANOL) Diego compartira sus experiencias creando y manteniendo una solucion Bancaria Web. Su presentacion se enfocara en el uso de las tecnologias principales PLEX, Websydian, WebClient y iSeries y resaltara los retos encontrados al igual que sus personales alternativas para enfrentarlos.


     Diego Monge
CM MatchPoint ALM for .NET In this session we will demonstrate how to manage deployments in a CA Plex .NET environment. We will show examples of environments as well look into best practices when generating C# from your CA Plex model.


     Christoph Heinrich
CA 2E – A player in the AppDev Strategy The AppDev Strategy is the way forward at CA. CA 2E is geared up to help its customers reap the benefits of this new strategy. During this session, we walk you through a Proof of Concept around CA 2E integration with the CA API Gateway. As part of this, you can now deploy a CA 2E based web service onto the CA API Gateway, thereby enabling CA 2E to communicate with other players in the CA AppDev strategy space.


     Raghu Daita
HISTORIA DE EXITO. Sistema de Compras (SESION EN ESPANOL) Alejandro Porta compartira sus experiencias con 20 a#os de desarrollo continuo con PLEX. Alejandro describira como el conocimiento de PLEX ha influenciado el desarrollo de nuevas herramientas de software y como sus aplicaciones han evolucionado mediante la estandarizacion con el uso de Frameworks, librerias de Clase y Patrones. Tambien resaltara el impacto positivo logrado con PLEX en su organizacion al incrementar su eficiencia, productividad y lograr adaptarse a cambios constantes en el medio ambiente y los paradigmas de desarrollo de sistemas.


     Alejandro Porta
HTML5, The Future for App Development, Keynote, Sencha This session will provide a side-by-side comparison of developing a multi-channel, multi-platform application in HTML5 relative to a siloed or native development approach. The presenter will explore not only development issues, but application deployment, testing, and on-going maintenance issues as well.


Leveraging Custom Templates & Controls to Enhance your WebClient Application This session will demonstrate how to use custom templates and controls to completely overhaul the look and feel of your WebClient application. With a basis in CA Plex, a little HTML and JavaScript know-how, and a lot of CSS, the sky’s the limit as to what you can accomplish with WebClient.


     Rob McBride
Picture This! Using CA 2E with Graphical Tools Visualizing CA 2E database relations from graphical tools such as CA ERwin and Microsoft Visio increases developer productivity and enhances communication between IT and the business. This session will cover out-of-the box solutions providing a convenient method of transferring data model information from CA 2E data models where a picture conveys a thousand words.


     Darryl Millington
HISTORIA DE EXITO. Desarrollo Basado en Modelos con PLEX. Proteccion de la Inversion a Traves del Tiempo (SESION EN ESPANOL) En esta sesion educacional Christian hablara sobre los siguientes topicos que describen como la inversion en el desarrollo de sistemas es protegida mediante el uso de PLEX:

1) Los beneficios del desarrollo basado en Modelos contrastado con los peligros del desarrollo desorganizado basado en Frameworks u otras tecnologias

2) Practicas para conservar los Modelos PLEX

3) Algunas hisotrias de sus clientes que tienen sistemas de gran longevidad basados en Modelos PLEX.


     Christian Jaramillo
CM WebClient for CA Plex In this presentation we will take a deep dive into the updated feature set of CM WebClient 1.8.x for CA Plex, including new features for offline forms and storage, keyboard-based fast data entry, Crystal Reports, and Portals to name a few. We will also take a look at what will be delivered in the next 12 months.


     John Rhodes
Integrating CA 2E with Existing Database Applications This session will provide an under the covers look at how HawkBridge have integrated their Freedom suite of products with the internal data model files. All of the Freedom tools have been developed using a common CA 2E data model where the internal database files of CA 2E have been imported so that new functions can be created over them using CA 2E itself. Catch a sneak preview of the Freedom/Pre-Compiler – which provides the changes to generated CA 2E source to enable the integration to be performed using existing CA 2E physical and logical files.


     Darryl Millington
CA Plex .NET Client Tips and Techniques One of the developers of CA Plex’s .NET Client will share some tips and techniques for developing .NET Interfaces in CA Plex. Topics like “How to use .NET Native Controls on CA Plex WPF Client.” – Why use AciveX controls in WPF Clients when there are much better controls available.


     Kiyoshi Terasawa
CA Application Lifecycle Conductor and CA App Services Orchestrator, Keynote, CA Technologies In this combined session we’ll give you a whirlwind tour of two new products that are AppDev stablemates of CA 2E and CA Plex. We’ll show you how CA Application Lifecycle Conductor manages a full software development life cycle in combination with CA Dev/Ops offerings. You’ll see how customers can modify, maintain and manage enterprise software assets from inception-to-deployment-and-monitoring. We’ll show you how CA App Services Orchestrator makes orchestrating services as simple as 1,2,3. You’ll see how you can explore existing SOAP web services in your organization and orchestrate them into more powerful, more valuable, contemporary web APIs…that will delight your developers. Hackathon tip: We’ll hope to make both of these products available in the hackathon, so this session will give you a head-start on how they might be valuable to your team.


     Vaughn Marshall and Simon Cockayne
Solving Mobile App Development Challenges As mobile app increasing enter the mainstream for both business and consumer facing interfaces, the bar keeps raising on sophisticated functionality. Cross device compatibility, geoservices, imaging, social authentication, and offline forms are among common challenges. In this presentation we will look CM WebClient’s pre-built mobile patterns as solutions for these challenges. In addition we will do a deep dive into HSYNC, a new offline form and sync pattern.


     Andrew Leggett and Abram Darnutzer
Integrating Automated Testing into your DevOps environment Automated testing is an important part of any DevOps strategy. See how to implement multi-platform testing into Plex/2E apps, and 3rd party package software like SAP using Worksoft Certify and scriptless test case development.      Worksoft

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